Will you become a Nevertiree?

What is a Nevertiree?

You might say to yourself, I’ve never heard that term before.

Maybe the truth is you are not sure. You know it has something to do with the notion of retirement. What exactly is it? What will it mean for me if I say I am a retiree, semi-retired or a Nevertire?

There are so many questions around this later stage of life it can be confusing, creating heightened anxiety for people who have spent decades diligently working and creating wealth for their ‘golden years.’ Like any good thing in life a little planning makes things happen rather than just letting life unfold.

I think of Glen who shared with me the story of his best mate. Glen’s best mate is 72 years of age, has pots of money (i.e. can afford to retire) but is not emotionally prepared to semi or fully retire. Glen’s mate has meticulously planned his wealth creation but has failed to plan for the other aspects of retirement.

– How will he fill the hours of each day if he is not at work?

– Where is the best place to live? For an old codger like Glen’s mate, who lives on his own, is it the family home he has lived in for decades, should he downsize or directly move from the family home to the local retirement village?

– Glen’s best mate might be a bit lonely without work colleagues to talk to and socialise with.

– Glen’s mate might become a Nevertire.

 In Australia this is an increasing phenomenon The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports the number of people working beyond the traditional retirement age of 65 years increased by 3% from February to November 2020. Ideas around retirement are changing rapidly. Even the language around retirement is evolving into a new lexicon.

Hence, a Nevertiree is defined by the MacMillan Dictionary (2010) as a person who intends to carry on working and never retire.

My role is to support people who are challenged by the thought of retiring. Together we chat and evolve an individual plan for a meaningful retirement; to take away or reduce some of the confusion and anxiety.

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