About Desire To Retire Coaching

Estelle Kelly

Estelle Kelly, founder of Desire to Retire, is qualified Life Coach and  educator based in Melbourne, Australia. Estelle has over twenty years of experience in the education and welfare sectors.  

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling
  • Diploma of Life Coaching
  • Certified Mental Health First Aid certificate

As a retirement life coach Estelle can equip you with tactics to resolve your issues and guide you in reaching your personal goals.  Together we can discover how you can resolve hurdles you face when thinking about, or planning retirement. After all, retirement brings the expected hurdles and unexpected hurdles.

Retirement Planning - do you need a retirement coach?

Reinventing retirement is not about the financial side of ageing, but rather how you are you going to live your retirement as you age. What would it look like to have a vital, fulfilling quality of life in retirement?  How could Life Coaching enrich your retirement? 

You may be thinking you don’t have enough time to think about the issues already pressing in on you and your family.  You are too busy keeping up with everyday life. Imagine what it might be like to learn the questions to lead to some resolution of issues, especially personal relationship issues.

What are the legacies you wish to leave by the end of your life?  Are your later years going to be all about leisure activities, volunteer work to help others, enriching the lives of your grandchildren or exploring parts of the world you have never been to before?  The dollars and time you invest now in planning for a quality retirement may turn out to be the best work you have ever done.

You might be thinking what is retirement?  The word retires means to withdraw. What are we withdrawing from? What are we retiring to?

Successful retirees retire to something, failed retirees retire from something.