'Are You Ready to Retire?' Quiz

As a Retirement Life Coach, I am interested to learn how you feel about your preparation for retirement. Entering or planning for the next stage of life is an individual journey of choices and decisions made by you.

Changes go hand in hand with life, and never more so than as we become mature aged. In this stage of life, changes can be dramatic, which is why we are never quite prepared for it. Retirement is a stage of life we look forward to but it can have its challenges.

This quiz is based on Australian research completed by Professor Joanne Earle and her Associates (UNSW 2012). The results of their research found 6 resources are required for a successful retirement. The 6 resources are: Money, Health, Social Connections, Healthy Emotions, Cognitive Ability and your level of Motivation.

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My Finances

My level of income to support me/my family’s living expenses is adequate.
I have enough money to retire.
I can allocate sufficient time and energy to think about financial planning.
Debt is a not an inhibitor to me for planning to retire.
I can talk about my financial future with my partner.