Too Many Changes!

Today it was a joy to interview Mary, an experienced Primary teacher. Mary has made her decision to retire at the end of the 2021 school year. For Mary the top three considerations when thinking about retirement have been:

  • Financial security
  • Changes
  • Excitement

Excitement about the projects she has planned to carry out at her sea change property when she is fully retired.

As a Retirement Coach I hear most people say financial security is their number one concern when planning for retirement. Ask any financial planner and they will concur. Let’s address the issue of changes. As an experienced teacher Mary has been exposed to many changes on how to teach literacy and numeracy. She has engaged in teaching and learning with the best interests of her students at heart and believes she knows what is the best way children learn. It was the imposition of the ‘latest’ teaching method that caused Mary to believe her time as a full-time teacher was up. For Mary she knew this latest idea, an old idea with a new name, is NOT the best way children learn. Hence her decision, it will be an exit for her at the end of 2021.

Technology changes began to overwhelm Mary and at that point Mary realized it was time for her to relinquish leadership roles she had at her school. Mary did not feel able to assist team teachers with new digital programs.

Mary has the backing of her husband and has had the freedom to choose when she finally retires. For others considering retirement this may appear as a luxury they can’t afford.

Imagine having the freedom to design your own future and having a clear plan about when to retire and what to do in retirement. Retirement is not always an optimum experience in terms of timing or planning.

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Estelle Kelly ACC is an Associate Certified Coach member of the International Coach Federation. Estelle has over twenty years of experience in the education and welfare sectors, and specialises in coaching her clients towards a happy and successful retirement.