The Next Stage – Retirement: Ready or Not?

After working in your nurturing profession for decades how enthusiastic are you about getting out of bed to be at work? Or do you show up in person but spend time each day thinking “I’m tired of doing this but I don’t know what else I could do? In my role I give and give and give. When will it be my turn to be nurtured?”

It can be overwhelming for professionals to show up and not appear to be committed to the job. It is a dent in their professional pride as most of their working life has been spent looking after other people. I am mostly talking about social workers, teachers and health care workers i.e., the nurturing professions.

The dilemma becomes should I keep working or take some steps towards retirement? You are aware that retirement is not many years away now. Images of retirement are of ‘down tools, take it easy and enjoy a glass of wine on the deck.” Today that is not true. More people are choosing to work longer and changing what they do to transform their lives for their third age. The possibilities are up for grabs.

It is possible to make a change to reduce that level of anxiety and stress to give yourself an opportunity to discover the next purpose in life for you. I support people to turn their next stage of life into reality. It makes my heart sing when I see clients making positive changes to enhance their life.

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About Estelle Kelly

Estelle Kelly ACC is an Associate Certified Coach member of the International Coach Federation. Estelle has over twenty years of experience in the education and welfare sectors, and specialises in coaching her clients towards a happy and successful retirement.