The first of 7 core principles when facing challenges in retirement.

Difficult decisions can be made with clarity.

Every day our brain makes 30,000 decisions so our brain is a very busy place. Our choices (decisions) evolve from our life experience and who we have become up until now. The way it works is we begin with a thought, our thoughts become our words, our words become our behaviours, our behaviours become our habits (thinking patterns), our habits become our values, our values become our destiny.

If we wish to make a change to our destiny, we begin with changing the thoughts in our brain. We do have the capacity to self-regulate our thoughts and we can also be influenced by others.

You may have good intentions to make a positive change in your life but struggle with doubts and inertia preventing you from making the changes you desire. Doubts can be created from life’s disappointments, distractions and disruptions. In our self-talk we say. ‘What if…..”, “I can’t ….”, “This shouldn’t be happening to me.” Doubt creates anxiety and this can be a negative thought pattern that loops around in our brain. Paralysis by analysis.

Stop trying to make the Biggest and BEST decision. Try making a decision that is good enough for now. Then take a specific ACTION to realise the decision.

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About Estelle Kelly

Estelle Kelly ACC is an Associate Certified Coach member of the International Coach Federation. Estelle has over twenty years of experience in the education and welfare sectors, and specialises in coaching her clients towards a happy and successful retirement.