Seek Resources Other Than Money

This is the second of my 7 Core Principles when facing challenges in Retirement.

No matter how much money we have at our disposal we all face times in our lives when we do not have sufficient funds to meet our desired goal. Money is merely one of the tools available to us.

Maybe it takes a significant incident to make us realise we do not necessarily need a lot of money to achieve a desired outcome.

If we take time to stop, think clearly (cognition)and use our imaginations we will find a surprising pool of resources around us.

 Firstly, have a think about which other resources you may already have within you (emotions, motivation) or within your immediate surroundings. If nothing becomes evident search outside your inner self or immediate environment. For example, within your local community. Is there a friend or a community organisation (Social) which might be able to assist you?

No matter what your challenge there is always a solution if we are determined enough and persistent in our striving to achieve the desired outcome.

A simple example in my life was soon after my life circumstances had changed dramatically in a short time. I wished to fly interstate to visit family and friends and found some inexpensive airfares on a website. I booked the return flights but found when I went to pay, I could not use my credit card as a form of payment. As I did not have sufficient funds to pay immediately, I cancelled the booking.

 I was very upset as I had been so used to hopping online, booking flights and not having to think about how I was going to pay for them.

Initially I calmed my emotions and had some time to think clearly. I decided there must be a way enabling me to catch up with my family. My perseverance paid off when I remembered I had some Frequent Flyer points sitting unused with my preferred airline. I was able to re book return flights and pay using a mixture of reward points and cash. The first time I had needed to resort to this payment method has never been forgotten by me.

You may need perseverance, patience and persistence but with some clear thinking and less haste most challenges can be overcome.

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