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Topic: The D.E.S.I.R.E. Program

Welcome to Episode 6 of Desire to Retire Podcast.

You may be wondering what is this Desire to Retire program referred to occasionally. Are you a teacher, nurse, social worker, paramedic, feeling stuck in your current circumstances? After many years of working hard in your profession, you have had to adapt to many changes. And family life may have suffered to the point where it has become mundane. You are beginning to wonder what’s next and daydream about the personnel changes you are longing for.

The D.E.S.I.R.E. program offered by retirement coach Estelle Kelly is an opportunity to explore the issues you are grappling with at the moment. Let’s look at the word desire. If you look it up in the dictionary, it means to wish or long for crave or want.

 Now, let’s have a look at each component of the D.E.S.I.R.E. program. Yes, D is for desire, it can also be for doubt or decision making. You have a dream of how life could be but it is not happening for you. You desire a change either in your professional life, or at home. When you take time to think about it. Doubts creep in. You ask yourself questions. What would happen if I did make a change? What will my family think? What about the financial impact? Let’s deal with those doubts and gain some clarity on what is the right decision for you.

DE.S.I.R.E. ‘E’ is for emotions. Emotions are part of who we are. It’s the way we express our emotions that become important. Emotions can overwhelm us to the point where they prevent us from taking the next step or they paralyze our planned actions. Often fear is a driving force leading to inertia.

D.E.S.I.R.E. ‘S’ is for security. Having a sense of security is a vital human need. In Episode Two of my special three-part podcast series, I talked about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, security of shelter, warmth, food and love are basic human needs that have to be satisfied before we can grow into adulthood.

What is it that makes you feel secure?

If you make a change, how will your securities be impacted? Who will be impacted? At times in life changes are imposed on us rocking our sense of security, a loved one dies or a loved one leaves, you may go through the financial crisis, a natural disaster or experience a serious health setback. In the Desire to Retire program, we will investigate your sense of security together.

D.E.S.I.R.E. I is for identity. Who are you at this stage of life? Probably a competent, healthy, fully functioning member of your profession. You know you are good at your job. You care deeply about your students, your patients, your clients, your colleagues. If you make the change you are longing for who do you become? What will be your next purpose in life? Will your partner stick by you? So many questions around who you will become or who you would like to become?

D.E.S.I.R.E. ‘R’ is for resources.

What are the resources you will need at hand to facilitate your desired change? Is it a change in the relationships you have in your life? Is it a change in reliable or flexible sources of finance? Is it a change in the way you use your time creating more time for the things you consider important in your life. And there may even be a few resources at hand that are just waiting for you to discover them.

DE.S.I.R.E. ‘E’ is for excitement. Imagine the excitement of achieving your desired change. I will never forget the excitement expressed by a lady who had become very tired in her role as a lecturer at a university. She needed to work to support her family for the basics of life, the food, the rent, plus special medications for a dependent husband. She transformed from being a paid employee to being self-employed still teaching, but teaching on her terms in her area of expertise and passion. For her for the sense of freedom she gained was the most valuable commodity in making the change. 

The D.E.S.I.R.E. program will support you, transforming you from being stuck in your current position to an altered pathway ahead. Check out the D.E.S.I.R.E. plans for nurturing professionals at and click on the plans tab. You will find a choice of a one to one personalized coaching service or an online group for the D.E.S.I.R.E. program participants. Alternately, listen to the Desire to Retire special three-part podcast series at

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